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Cooper Basin Area - Top Tirrawarra Sandstone / Merrimelia Formation (W) Depth


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Cooper Basin Area - Top Tirrawarra Sandstone / Merrimelia Formation (W) Depth


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Title: Cooper Basin Area - Top Tirrawarra Sandstone / Merrimelia Formation (W) Depth


Custodian: Petroleum Group - Office of Minerals and Energy Resources, South Australia.

Jurisdiction: South Australia



The image is a sun shaded representation of a grid generated from seismic interpretation of the depth to the top of the subsurface glacial sediments of the Merrimelia Formation and fluvial outwash sands of the Tirrawarra Sandstone in the Cooper Basin area in the north-east of South Australia. This grid is part of a database of seismically mapped subsurface time and depth, grids, contours, faults and polygons interpreted from Seismic mapping over the Cooper Basin area.

ANZLIC Search Words:

GEOSCIENCES Geophysics Mapping
ENERGY Petroleum Exploration

Spatial Domain:

Geographic Extent Name:

South Australia

Geographic Extent Polygon:

138 -26, 141 -26, 141 -29.5, 138 -29.5, 138 -26

Bounding Coordinates:

North Bounding Coordinate: -26.0
South Bounding Coordinate: -29.5
East Bounding Coordinate: 141
West Bounding Coordinate: 138

Data Currency

Beginning Date: 01JAN1994

Ending Date: 30JUN1999

Dataset Status

Progress: Complete

Maintenance and Update Frequency: Not Planned


Stored Data Format:

DIGITAL Petrosys Mapping 11.3 Sun OS grids polygons faults and contours

Available Format Type:

DIGITAL - ascii petrosys xyz files and cross platform petrosys format files
NONDIGITAL - Printed Maps

Access Constraints:

For in-house use only by clients. Not for redistribution or production of derivative products. Refer legal obligations page in this site.

Data Quality


Source data are hydrocarbon exploration seismic geophysical surveys, and well velocities and lithologies.

The depth structure map was made by creating from well values, the isopach from the top Tirrawarra Sandstone / Merrimelia Formation to top Basement grid, then adding this to the Basement depth grid, to give the correct subsea depth.

Isopach intervals from wells were gridded and contoured. Constraints were created in the form of isopach contours to remove anomalous or incorrect grid gradients. In addition, constraints were added to ensure conformity with logical stratigraphy, such as thickening on the down throw side of major faults and thins on major anticlinal structures.

The isopach was regridded and contoured using both well values and constraining contours. Resulting grid/contours were checked for accuracy and conformity, to structural and stratigraphic principles, and edited again. Areas devoid of these units were directly masked out using polygon boundaries. This iterative process was repeated until a satisfactory map was achieved. The resulting isopach grid was then added to the Basement grid, checked and edited until a final depth grid was achieved.

Positional Accuracy:

Pixel size

Attribute Accuracy:

The accuracy at wells that penetrate the Tirrawarra SS or Merrimelia Fm is within 2 metres of the well top Tirrawarra/Merrimelia picks as interpreted pre June 1999. Between wells the horizon is constrained between the Basement grid and the Patchawarra Formation grid.

Logical Consistency:

Highly consistent



Contact Information

Contact Organisation: Petroleum Group - Office of Minerals and Energy Resources, South Australia.

Contact Position: Chief Geophysicist, Petroleum Geophysics

Postal Address: GPO Box 1671


State: SA

Country: Australia

Postcode: 5001

Telephone: 08 8463 3000

Facsimile: 08 8463 3229

Electronic Mail Address: pirsa.petroleum@saugov.sa.gov.au

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Metadata Date: 01SEP2002

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Refer to additional user information on our web site.

Responsible Party

Responsible: Custodian / Steward


Dataset Classification: Derived

Spatial Representation Type: Raster

Feature Type: Polygon

Dimension: x, y

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To develop and promote new petroleum exploration and development opportunities in South Australia


Geological and prospectivity evaluation.

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Attribute Table Type: Raster


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Projection: Geographicals

Datum: Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA94)

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Date Modified: 05SEP2002

Modified Officer: Jenkins, Gregory

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